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The Difference between Video Poker and Slots

To the untrained eye there appears to be no difference between video poker machines and slot machines, but savvy players know the two casino games are a world apart and the best value and payouts can be found only by playing video poker as opposed to slot machines.

The soul aim of playing any game of chance is to try and gain an upper hand coupled with tracking down games which have a low house edge, the house edge is simply the theoretical profit a casino will make over the game cycle of any particular casino game.

This is where the main difference between video poker and slot machines is most noticeable. Slot machines can be programmed to return whatever payout percentage a casino wishes to program them to return, and this can be as low as 70%, meaning for every $100 you play you will, over the long term get only $70 back by way of payouts!

Compare this to the much healthier returns of Video Poker games which are around the 99%+ range and it doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out which games offer you the best chance of a winning session!

Also video poker game play requires not only luck but an element of skill, as once the initial hand has been dealt you are then faced with choosing which cards to hold and which cards to discard and to be replaced with new ones.

By carefully ensuring you discard the right cards whilst holding those worth holding, and as the machines are totally random you will increase your chance of winning by using optimum strategy, something that slot machines can not offer.

Knowing when to Play

Knowing when to play a video poker machine is often down to a mythical sixth sense acquired over time by more superstitious gamblers! Due to the nature of how these games work and operate and more importantly due to them being completely random there is never a good or bad time to play video poker games.

However in contrast slot players tend to leave machines that have recently paid out the jackpots or a series of large wins alone, as often the weighting mechanism built into such machines tend to kick in and thus reduce the likelihood of continued winning spins dropping in.

No matter when you decide to play video poker games or even slot machines for that matter we recommend you join up to the casinos comp or loyalty program, this is simply a scheme that rewards you with cash or extra freebies based on how much you have played in your combined gaming sessions.

Totally irrespective of whether you have a winning or losing session your combined stakes are tallied up and you will receive your comps based on this wagered total, in video poker you can rack up quite a large amount of comps during a winning session and this also helps to lower the already tiny house edge on video poker games.


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