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How To Play Video Poker

Video Poker is not a game to be afraid of, it is a game that offers you the best odds and therefore should be a casino game that is embraced, nurtured and then plundered for all you can get away with! If you have never played Video Poker before then this learn how to play video poker step by step guide is all you will need, give it a good read through and in no time at all you will be playing like an old pro. You will then be able to play online or at Vegas casinos!

How to Play Video Poker

Choosing You Game - There are literally dozens of Video Poker variants available, but they all offer different pay tables based on the game play rules. You should be aiming to play only those video poker games that offer the best payout percentages, it is your hard earned money you are playing with, and as you are not a charity you should demand only the highest paying games.

If you wish to play the most popular Video Poker game then Jacks or Better is the game for you, but before you play take a quick look at the pay table, if the Full House pays 9 coins and the Flush pays 6 then all is good and you have found a full pays game, anything less that 9/6 should be avoided.

Staking Your Game - Now then, you should always play with the maximum number of coins in play on each hand dealt, if you wish to know the reason for this look at the pay table on the Video Poker game above, as you can see the 5 coins staked jackpot is way higher than the lower coins staked jackpots, this is due to it being enhanced and this means you are getting the best expected payout percentage when you play maximum coins.

Please don't think that you will need bucket full's of cash to always play maximum coins, you can fully adjust the coin values, by clicking the plus or minus icons underneath the picture of the coin, so you can adjust this to a value both you and more importantly your bankroll can afford.

Getting the Game Started - Once you are happy with your choice of game, and the coin values simply click on the Max Bet button, once clicked the game will commence, and you will be dealt five face up cards, once dealt you can then opt to hold or discard any of them.

Fortunately all online Video Poker games are programmed to enable the game to automatically hold the best cards for you, so in essence you do not even have to think when playing this game! The cards will hold themselves and then all you have to do is click the deal button.

Once clicked the game will remove the discards and then replace them with new cards from the deck. Then your final hand will be on display, if this hand contains any of the hand rankings displayed on the pay table then you will win that number of coins, the game is honestly as simply as that!

Gamble Feature - Some Video Poker games will offer you a gamble feature whenever you have a winning hand, to play this gamble game you need to click the gamble button when offered and one face up card will be dealt along with four face down cards, you are then tasked with picking one of the face down cards in the hope that it is higher that the face up card. If the card is indeed higher your winnings are doubled, however if it is lower then you will lose the gamble and your winnings are then lost!

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