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Tips For Winning At Video Poker

We thought you would eventually make your way to this section of the website! Welcome to our how to win at video poker guide, which has been specifically put together to help you increase your chances of winning when playing video poker either online or offline.

Before we continue, we would like to point out that there is no sure fire way of walking away from any video poker machine a winner, but there are many different things you can put into place to ensure you at least have more than a sporting chance of a profitable video poker session.

Below is our how to win at video poker step by step guide, take a good, long hard look at it and totally digest everything we bring to your attention, and here's hoping your next video poker session is a winning one!

1. Love them or hate them casino bonuses are here to stay, and it is often worth you doing some shopping around as there are some extremely generous welcome and reload bonuses available online and these can often be used to play video poker games.

2. Before you start to play, or even make a deposit ensure that you are fully enrolled to the casinos' comp club, as this is your key to getting your hands on all manner of free extras that are based purely on your staked wagers and can often add up to plenty of free money.

3. As you may or may not be aware not all video poker games offer the same payouts, even if they appear to be exactly the same sort of video poker machine. Take a close look at the video poker paytable and compare it to others to ensure you are always getting the best payoffs.

4. Try and track down video poker machines that have optimum strategy already programmed into them, as these machines will automatically hold the best cards for you and save you making any strategic playing errors.

5. Don't whatever you do think that you are going to hit a Royal Flush on every video poker session you play, these sorts of hands are very rare and players often keep holding the wrong cards thinking they should always go for a Royal Flush when a winning hand is already guaranteed.

6. Always play with the maximum number of coins in play on each hand you play, this is due to the jackpots being enhanced for a maximum bet stake and this ensures you are always getting the best payout percentages.

7. If you are tempted to play the progressive video poker machines then try and only play them once the jackpot amount has risen above the usual average winning amount, although these games are completely random the game cycle and jackpot amount will indicate whether a jackpot win is overdue or not.

8. Always keep your coin value settings to an amount both you and more importantly your bankroll can comfortable afford, don't bet too high or you may go broke much quicker.

9. Never play video poker when you are drunk or overly tired, this will make you prone to making mistakes which will prove costly over time..

10. Always enjoy playing video poker, look at it as a form of entertainment, and if you are lucky enough to win a few large payouts then lock in a profit and walk away richer than when you started playing!


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