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Learn The Basics Of Onlive Video Poker

If ever there was a casino game that would ensure players of it swore by one sticking rigidly to one playing method or another it would be the game of video poker. You will often here much debate about pump and dump cycles, or which cards you should hold and discard whenever players discuss the finer points of playing it.

But thankfully for players who are wishing to learn video poker rules or how to play video poker to the optimum strategy they can find all this and more, at their finger tips by playing online and doing a little research.

In fact players no longer have to acquire great knowledge on the inner workings of video poker due to the newer breed of online video poker games now being programmed to automatically hold the best cards for you once the initial deal of any one game has been made, thus ensuring even a novice player never makes any costly playing errors.

Improving Your Video Poker Play

They say practice makes perfect, and this is very true when playing video poker, with many different variants available you can often be spoilt for choice or even confused on what game is best to play.

The most popular video poker game of all time is the classic Jacks or Better game which has stood the test of time, this is just one of our unique and exclusive free play video poker games that are available to you directly from with in our website, and each one is fully loaded with free play credits meaning you can practice for hours without ever having to risk your own money.

Some websites offer you a "Video Poker Trainer" this is simply a free play video poker game but after the cards are dealt it will highlight the cards you should hold and those you should discard. In fact you can even download one to your cell phone to practice on the go! iTunes Video Poker Trainer is just one of many of these training devises that can be used to help improve your video poker play, but as mentioned thankfully most online casinos these days have the perfect strategy automatically programmed into each video poker game they offer meaning you can play without having to worry about ever making the wrong strategic decisions.

Learning Video Poker Rules

Learning video poker rules and game play variations will also help you track down the best paying games, as not all video poker machines pay back the same amounts to players, even if these machines all go by the same name.

One rather underhand way casinos will lower the expected paybacks on video poker games is by lowering the payouts for getting dealt certain winning combinations. The most obvious example of this is on the game of Jacks or Better, the best paying game will give you 9 coins for the Full House and 6 coins for the flush hand, but some venues lower these to 8 coins for the Full House and 5 coins for the flush hand and some will even outrageously lower them to 7 coins for the Full House and 5 coins for the flush hand.

So the motto is to fully understand the video poker variant you are playing or intend to play as by doing this you will be able to instantly spot a poor video poker pay table and avoid pouring your money down the drain!

One final word of advice in your quest to learn video poker and that is to make sure you understand all about a game cycle and not to expect to win every time you play! The number of video poker hand combinations in a game of video poker, both winning and losing ones is enormous and therefore you could play for days or weeks and never get dealt that illusive Royal Flush, conversely you could hit two of them in a short period of time.

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